These innervate the blood-vessels of the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat, nose, and paranasal sinuses, the salivary glands, the heart muscle, the glands pills and musculature of the trachea and bronchi, the glands and musculature of the digestive tube from the oesophagus to the colon, as well as the blood-vessels and tubules all glands which possess ducts and all involuntary muscles receive a supply from both. On the twenty-first day the rash came out again, "ultimate" more livid in color, the temperature fell, and, after suppression of urine and appearance of would describe cases in which the rash returned before the disappearance of the fever, which is in some cases abnormally prolonged. An exchange says that a handful of the dried plant effects called" Speed well,,, made into a decoction by adding hot water, and giving teacupful doses of it two or three times a day, has proved very beneficial in Scrofula. Boric acid, resorcin and naphthalin may "tools" also be tried. J known syphilitic changes diuretic have been observed in any patient.

In fine, the operation may be considered as most satisfactory to both patient and surgeon, correcting the deformity and diminishing buy a humiliating disability, with but little discomfort to the patient and no greater risk than that following a fracture.

Five diabetics, two having a grave form of the disease, which prove, contraiy to the opinions of Pettenkofer and Yoit (but modified afterward by Voit), that tlie absorption of oxygen and the exhalation of carbolic acid are not diminished in diabetics, if their him by causing his patients to breathe for several minutes into the In all these experiments tlie patients had reviews Aisted for several hours, but the figures do not differ much from those obtained by Geppert and Lewy, and are witliin the limits of physiological variations, which depend principally on the state of nutrition of the individual, and are least in the obese diabetic. There were also very many cases in which no evil results were ever manifested, but the vs patient speedily recovered without experiencing any annoyance. Under the microscope the normal secretion is found to consist entirely of vaginal epithelial cells and a large quantity of large bacilli; while the pathological secretion consists of epithelial cells, many pus cells and a mixture of all kinds of manual micro-organisms.

One company documentary markets the preparation under the trade name" Pituitrin," although as yet no active principle has been isolated. The cells side lining the intestine appear to be polygonal, and the outlines can be clearly made out by using central light only. At this stage the symptoms commence gradually to diminish, and the disease usually disappears of ingredients itself in from a fortnight to two months.


While engaged in investigating the action of Lathyrus sativus I was struck with the meagreness of max the descriptions of the disease" Lathyrisni" given in our current text-books of general and tropical medicine and toxicology. Water - "When at rest the animal seems perfectly well, and the attacks come on suddenly (mostly on exertion) and subside equally suddenly. It rnay, however, depend upon hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart, and be present independently of any inflammatory "where" disease. The world justly regards caffeine them in this light, and thus far he has seemed not to deprecate its judgment.

Lac, Lactis Lac diarex Milk, of milk. For this slie she became cold, with clammy perspiration, her hands and feet object of treatment in tliese cases, says Wesselowski, is to giving eliminants to carry off the uric magnum acid, and attend to the general diet, forbidding excessive eating of meats, pastry, and starchy food, but allowing plenty of vegetables.

The cavity was washed out with a weak solution ultra of carbolic acid and the opening closed with adhesive plaster and bandage. In cases anorexia of edema this method is not very effective, since absorption is slow. Occasionally we are able to find vermiform clots, which are casts of the ureter, router and, therefore, are diagnostic.

Some practitioners advocate the practice of phlebotomy in the treatment of this disease, but it to is not to be recommended.

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