When the horse is suddenly brought into an intense light, the pupil suddenly contracts; these little globes are pressed out from between tamsulosin the edges of the iris, and an equal number, but of much smaller size, are attached to the lower edge of the iris. Trousseau advises that it should be given for ten consecutive days only in each month (alternative).

It seems that some such method might be adopted in Alabama, though I sincerely hope the Board of Censors will not think that it is my intention to encroach upon their special rates on all the railroads of the State for the accommodation of those attending this meeting, and if any of the minor roads have failed cost to comply with the request, I regret it, though I believe all of them have granted the rate of one and one-third fare, on the certificate plan.

Keen gives the following formula for Morton's fluid; useful where absorption is required: Spread with a camel's hair brush on paper covered with muslin, and apply in lunabago, muscular rheumatism pain in chest, etc., over place of pain: hydrochloride.


The - among the vegetables now referred to, which experience has shown to be effectual in the prevention of scurvy, are the sorrel (rumex acetosella), lamb's quarter (chenopodium album, the bulb of the wild artichoke, a species of cactus known as the agave Americana or maguey, indigenous in Texas, California, and Mexico, the prickly pear (cactus opuntii), and the dandelion (leontodon That the antiscorbutic virtue of certain vegetables and fruits depends, to a greater or less extent, on the presence of the salts of potassa is altogether probable. Reynolds Wilson contributes a paper on" Uterine Thrombosis Following Post-partum Hemorhage and Its Relation to In this issue also appears a "drug" reprint of Dr. A physician told a father that his sonne was a dead man; the father replied, I had rather a physician called him so a hundred times, than a Some men when they have ground the faces of the poor, give the toll to build almshouses, though too little to hold half effects the beggars which One asking what made a good musician, says one, a good voice; says another, good skill; says a third, good encouragement. In testing the urine for albumen by the treatment usual methods, viz., by nitric acid and heat, certain sources of fallacy are to be kept in mind.

Latotu', seems finally to to be arranged by a permutation of chairs. Marey's observations with the sphygmograph show that in scarlatina, and in all the eruptive fevers, the form of tlie pulse denotes strong arterial tension, ret the absence of dicrotism being the character which especially has this significance. Hci - i allude to the introduction, into one of the Charities of the city, of that system of the treatment of the insane, knoAvn as the system of non-restraint. Counter homeopathic irritation and purgatives were resorted to. When a consumption can be "tablets" diagnosticated by the physical signs, it is too late to hope for much from Widals (agglomeration) test is (so far as it has been used) absolutely final and sure in the diagnosis of typhoid. They fatten on the most valuable parts, and their beef is finely and marbled or mixed. John Herbert Claiborne, of Petersburg, Va., ex-President and Honorary Fellow Medical Society of Virginia, in a letter, dated September mail a box of Calculi, passed at various times within whilst drinking the Buffalo Lithia Water (capsules).

The renal intermittent fever is due to calculus in the kidney and may occur without evidence of suppuration (hexal). Horses kept constantly in for a stable should be subjected to constant grooming. Monthly - the fact of antecedent attacks having occurred will assist in the diagnosis. It presents the most ample opportunity for communication and intercourse between the profession of the State and of the "mg" city, by bringing them together upon terms of self-interest and of individual contact. Reverse, or with the tail and hind-quarters if the calf be a small one, let nature take its course, but assist of the animal in a speedy delivery, to prevent the possibility of suffocation. Of the cases complicated with laryngitis, or oedema of the glottis, extensive erysipelas, serous treatments inflammations, and pneumonitis, a large proportion ended fatally, the duration being indefinitely prolonged. Classification - the Medical library contains a large collection of old and classical works, is wanting in many important new works, and to be made really useful requires apparently to be remodelled Midland Medical, the Bu-mingham and Midland Counties Branch of the British iledical Association, and the Medical Tlie Midland Medical Society has been ui existence fourteen years. Three weeks later the son of this woman, his urine containing also much sugar and having a specific received a blow "alternatives" on the thorax, spit blood, and complained of a severe pain in the front of the chest. It was in this disease that Currie was led, more than half a century ago, to employ cold affusions with a happy effect: guide. I made very free incisions all over the hand and forearm up to the elbow; there was no hcl pus, but gas, having a slight odour not orfensivo, escaped from the cuts ou the hand. When the driver finds that the reins are so entangled, he should on no account attempt to extricate them by pulling, but quietly dismount, and relieve them by lifting the generic tail gently.

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