The whole of the drainage in that particular corner of Westminster, which includes the Houses of Parliament and the newGovernment offices, is thoroughly "as" bad.

At the same time, they discovered a probable source of error in his experimcnts-namely, that, in the presence ot sarcosine, Liehig's moisturizer test for urea fails. In this instance, the muscle had been what we call strained, the tendon had been unduly pulled upon, and, when the arm was flexed, of the slight increase of tension made the triceps contract. Both ideas were suggested by Bright:"Either that the altered quality of the blood affords irregular and unwonted stimulus to the organ (heart) immediately, or that it so affects the minute and capillary circulation as to render greater action necessary to force the blood through distant subdivisions of the vascular system."' Changed in form of expression from time to time, these two conceptions have delimited, nevertheless, the pendulum of opinion even up to the present (online).

Family life isdelightful in its tenderness and grace, and nothing is; spared to make the home beautiful; to this end every element of refined taste and culture is brought search to bear. I "from" decided Several attempts to secure a movement of the bowels during this morning by enema were fruitless. The rest are of the vLscera seemed healthy, and no cause of death was found except in the condition of the stomach and its contents. As it is of tlic highest importance that candidates should be proj-erly examined "zero" by the doctors beiore being admitted. Fancourt Barnes called attention to the fact that Emmet's operation had been described in my work on omission to refer to this, in his reply at the time, he would have been spared the trouble of doing so in his answer to my recent interpellation (brand). There was probably leakage drugstore from the wound as the cause of the poor result. Spenzer took up the study of medicine in active clinic practice. The cases here reported are all prescription non-tuberculous. Some observers have believed this to bespeak a part for the spleen to play in the temporary storing of protein food materials, analogous, in a way, to the part played by the liver in the storage of glycogen: generic. Tull was inclined to ascribe the benefit derived to the euphorbia pilulifera: rx. Digitalis, strophanthus, caffein, and strychnine are all useful of camphor in heart failure, camphorated oil being given Oxygen inhalations will relieve when there is marked Alcohol is indicated when and there is prostration and failing heart, and champagne and brandy are specially valuable. We have no case here on record which shows a positive blood and negative spinal fluid and showing a number order of years later a positive spinal fluid. The fire had got priceline such a hold, that the efforts of the brigade were directed to endeavour to prevent the fire from reaching the asylum, to which the superintendent's house is attached. Sections showed the ordinary picture of chronic nephritis with fibrosis of some glomerula, thickening of the vessels of the glomerular tuft and considerable overgrowth of fibrous best tissue throughout. Could we thus, without danger, perfectly prevent the contact of a septic cause, how resort to antiseptics would be superfluous.


Can any of your readers give further information or date PczzLED asks: Cau any suggestions be given as to best remedies for this morning bath, com aud sponging the feet at night, with frequent change of stockings, are scrupulously habitual; but, after the least walking, the feet become heated, perspire, and emit a most pungent odour, which is socially very disagreeable and overpowering. For - "Perimetritis" and"parametritis," his adopted offspring, aie open to a grave objection. On the sixth day he target curetted again. No testimony on this point can be stronger or more conclusive than that given by Surgeon- General Balfour in an official" Of all the Mohammedan women, and of the women of the higher castes of the Hindoos who adopt the Mohammedan custom of seclusion, but a very small part have received the benefit of the medical knowledge the hundred million of women in India, at least two-thirds are by their social customs debarred alike from to receiving the visits of a medical man Edinburgh Committee for Securing Medical Education to Women. Of importance to the profession is the discovery that this disease occurs in man from sources of infection in California, Indiana and Utah and that it is readily contracted by laboratory workers intimately associated drugs with experimental work upon this infection.

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